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Best & Worst Male Sex Toy Reviews

While I haven’t tried ALL male sex toys available (I’m not a god damn machine …) I have tried enough to compile this best & worst list of sex toys for men.

The ‘Best Male Sex Toys‘ section includes the two toys that I found to work for me while stamina training, while the ‘Worst Male Sex Toys‘ section documents my experiences with less-reputable companies.

I’ve also included a review of a training video product which I find fantastic, Orgasm Arts (link to their promo video). This training program is not for stamina training: rather, once you’ve achieved decent stamina, it’ll help you to make your partner achieve better female orgasms.

Best Male Sex ToysBest Male Sex Toy List

This list includes the sex toys that I used in my stamina training experiment. Using these toys, I was able to go from lasting 15 minutes in bed, to roughly lasting 45 minutes, each time. I can vouch these sex toys for men, and the companies that produce them. They are 100% reliable in my book.
Worst Male Sex ToysWorst Male Sex Toy List

This list includes some of the companies and sex toys I've ordered that simply didn't work out. While I've had sex toys that were not effective for my stamina goal - and I didn't mind those, given each man will have a different response. The focus in this section is to outline dishonest companies more than the toys themselves. We're talking about dishonest billing practices, embarrassing deliveries, etc…

I do encourage you to experiment with se toys other than on this list – although I can’t vouch for any sex toys for men outside of what I’ve used. With time, you’ll figure out for yourself which male sex toys work for you, and which ones simply don’t cut it.

However – I do STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you stay away from the sex toys I’ve listed in the ‘Worst’ section. They’re not worth the money, time or effort to investigate.